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IMPACT is available for those who have completed a previous Navigate Program and are looking for a more immersive missional learning experience. Over 10 months the Fresh Hope team will work with IMPACT students to develop a customized learning and practical experience that will help students explore a missional vocation and calling.

Students will be placed in a missional community where they will engage in practical ministry, mentoring and tailored study as well as intentional space for reflection and exploring vocational calling. Students will grow in ministry and leadership capacity as they participate in Fresh Hope Collective plus Summer and Winter School.

Prospective students must pass a rigorous application and interview process. Students should be prepared to relocate to a new living environment for the duration of the 10 months and be prepared to engage in challenging mission experiences for a minimum of 2 days per week. 

If you are passionate about exploring God’s calling on your life and want to engage practical mission, then IMPACT is for you.


Please ring 8719 2600 for any questions.