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Prayer from a Quiet Heart


When: Tuesday 1st August
Time: 10am – 4pm
Where: Crawford Room, The Tops Conference Centre
Cost: $30 pp (MT, Lunch & AT supplied)

About this Workshop:
"A while back a person asked a question of me that many pastors have heard through the years - 'why doesn't God answer prayers?' I've heard this question in many forms and at many times while sitting in the waiting room of a hospital with a family or someone in desperate struggle of some kind. This question sent me on a quest and a year-long journey to find something more than a pat answer to this serious question. So I looked at the single most effective prayer life in history, that of Jesus Christ, and discovered amazing keys to praying like Jesus with the power and effect.

Beloved, as you attend these sessions you will learn keys that open the heavens resulting in anointed and effective prayer, but even more, you will find a deeper level of connection with the Father's heart." - Thom Gardner

About Thom Gardner:
Thomas Richard Gardner graduated from St. Vincent College in Latrobe PA in 1976 with a degree in Music Education. He came to the Lord in 1978 in a local Christian and Missionary Alliance Church and began a detailed study of the Bible shortly thereafter.

This study included Greek and Old Testament history and Archaeology and two years of private tutoring in Hebrew and Torah as a student of the late Rabbi Herbert Gilner. Thom also graduated with a Masters of Applied Ministry from Cornerstone Seminary in Harrisonburg, VA and has also taught several courses and seminars there.

Thom has ministered as a Bible teacher or pastor since 1986, and is now President of Grace and Truth Fellowship, Inc.; a ministry dedicated to healing wounded emotions. The mission statement includes training and raising up healing teams throughout the body of Christ.

Thom and his wife Carol travel internationally speaking and teaching on spiritual formation and intimacy with God. Thom has authored several books including Healing the Wounded Heart, Relentless Love, and My Healing Journey, Living the God-breathed Life, and Everything That Grows.

Thom also works with leaders throughout the body of Christ equipping them to trust one another as a spiritual team. This training includes leading retreats and using his techniques of interactive encounter of the presence of Christ through the scriptures.

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