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The Australian College of Ministries is a Fresh Hope initiative sponsored by the Churches of Christ in NSW. 

The Australian College of Ministries (ACOM) is an international provider of life-changing, ministry training experiences. Originally birthed over seventy years ago (1941) as the Churches of Christ in NSW Theological College (Woolwich, Sydney), ACOM has produced thousands of graduates serving as ministers, evangelists, lay leaders, welfare workers, teachers, missionaries and church planters. The college merged with Kenmore Christian College (Queensland) in 1999 to form The Australian College of Ministries.

Originally a campus-based residential college, ACOM now specializes in flexible delivery. It is a hybrid of distance learning experience mixed with targeted face-to-face student support through Formation Groups and Subject Facilitations. 
ACOM has become a highly professional and diversified provider of ministry training that has developed a national and international reputation for excellence and innovation. 

The sponsorship of Churches of Christ in NSW is an empowering gift that enables ACOM to pursue its mission and partner with other Fresh Hope initiatives such as: The Tops Conference Centre, CareWorks NSW, Southpoint, and LivingCare. Churches of Christ has a historic commitment to unity amongst all believers which has ensured ACOM is an authentic and integrated cross-denominational gathering of students, staff, church, and ministry partnerships.